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Treat. Rinse. Repeat

Feeling Restless With Your Hair? You're Not Alone.

home hair rituals

Before you find a handful of freshly chopped hair in your bathroom sink and bangs that take you back to your 3rd grade class photo, maybe read this. When we get antsy, we tend to look towards big change as the answer. But in this time of heavy quiet, a little focus on hair health may be exactly what we need instead. Our formerly over scheduled, over stimulated lives have been stripped down to lone walks and long stints of lounging. Daily. So let's take some of that extra energy and excessive down time and create a few healthy hair rituals to practice weekly. This could be a time of improvement for all of us, even our hair.

Not Just For Rapunzel

To all of you short hair lovelies out there rocking bobs and graduated cuts like the bosses you are, the focus on healthy hair does not exclude you. Scalp health involves each and every one of us and is the less talked about, but the more crucial aspect of hair care. Three simple ways to put effort forth in the name of happy hair follicles are:

  • Commit to using natural, organic stying products

  • Practice regular dry scalp brushing for cleansing and microcirculation

  • Exfoliate scalp and hair follicles weekly with a balancing cleanser

Aveda products for healthy scalp

Talk to the Strand

Now to the obvious concerns; dry, damaged, and processed hair.

Right before I left the states for Morocco, I had just lightened my hair pretty aggressively and was feeling the damage in a way that I hadn't before. Truly, I was worried about breakage and hopeless looking hair. I'm sharing with you now my approach to healing my locks in the hopes that you can take a few of these tips and apply them to existing products you have at home, or that I encourage you to purchase quality products that will revive your hair as well.

The Regimen

Believe it or not, even with my fine hair, I use an abundance of deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners and treatments. Although I love a variety of product lines out there, I feel morally best and my hair feels at its greatest when I use my favorite Aveda products consistently. Here's my list of top Aveda products I use when I actually get around to washing my hair.

  • Pregame - Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser. Apply product directly on to wet scalp in the shower before shampooing and massage into head for two minutes.

  • Shampoo - Color Conserve Shampoo or Nutriplenish Light Moisture Shampoo

  • Conditoner - Damage Remedy Reconstructing Conditioner. Squeeze excess moisture from hair before applying and leave on for 5 minutes before rising for deep hair repair benefits.

  • Leave-in Spray - Nutriplenish Leave-in Conditioner

  • Treatments - Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair for a balance of protein and moisture, Color Conserve Daily Color Protect because of the conditioning oils and natural wintergreen SPF, Smooth Infusion Style-prep Smoother for environmental and heat protection, and the Nutriplenish Multi-use Hair Oil for maximum hydration and shine.

I start with the Damage Remedy and Color Conserve leave-ins, cocktailing them together. I then wardrobe the additional treatments, layering each one on top of the other and keeping all products at least three inches away from the scalp.

For certified organic, cruelty free products like the Pramasana Purifying Scalp cleanser, dry scalp brushes and all of the treatment products listed above visit

There Are Others of Course

In addition to my obvious respect for Aveda, I've also kept my love affair alive with Olaplex and their line of re-bonding products, especially since my recent blonding service. Olaplex works uniquely on a moleculer level to rebuild broken bonds, or in other words, hair that has been affected by chemical lightening (bleach and hair color), environment, lifestyle (heat tools and over styling) and age. Because it works outside of the more common repair systems that address moisture and protein, this product plays well with others and can help save your hair after a gamut of abuse.

Here's the way I use Olaplex at home once a week to twice a month. You can buy these products online at

Olaplex hair treatment step by step

That's wrap on what I'm using right now and how you could be using those products or others like them at home to baby your hair while we have so many extra hours to kill. We will all be back to our regularly scheduled lives at some point, or at least a semblance of them, and I know we will be back in the salon together for more hair play very soon so I encourage you to take advantage of this healing time.

For yourself and for your hair.

A Few More Suggestions Before I Leave You:

healthy hair tips

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