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Three Easy Styles to Make Those Hat, Beanie and Scarf Days the Most Enviable Looks of Your Week

Maybe I've been traveling for days and there's no quality shampoo in sight, maybe I need something to keep the sun off my face or maybe its Monday and I'm just lazy and don't want to wash my hair. But I never want to look like I'm being lazy or hiding dirty hair. So I've come up with a few cute ways to wear my hair under beanies, scarfs and hats that make my looks feel intentional and show that I've put in a little effort. The techniques are simple and most likely familiar so look for the small tricks to help customize and set them apart from the others. Here's a quick introduction to each and before you watch the full video below.

The topsy tail braid technique worn by Tessa Matsis Smith.

Topsy Tail

Honestly, I hate the name. But that's what it's called apparently. The topsy tail technique is a huge love of mine because it's been around since I was a kid and I remember my mom styling my hair in the classic topsy ponytail back in the late eighties. It's also a favorite because it's easy, playful and an interesting alternative to the regular braid. All it takes is six hair bands, a light hold hair spray like the Aveda Air Control, and a small amount of patience.

Bubble braids worn with head scarf by Tessa Matsis Smith

Bubble Braids

Years ago my colleague and I created sweeping and dramatic floor length versions of bubble braids for a fashion show, and ever since I've been obsessed with them. They're such a fanciful look, and they leave a beautiful curve in the hair if you're looking for soft waves for a day-after option. I've been so happy to see them make a reemergence in the recent styling scene and I'm excited to show you how easy these are to do. Don't be afraid to try these cute bubbles in a high ponytail as well, another one of my go-to options. Once again, the only tools you'll need are hair bands and a light hold hair spray to help this look last.

Fishtail braid worn with beanie by Tessa Matsis Smith

The Fishtail

The fishtail braid was always intimidating to me but the real secret is consistency. Pull from the backside of each section and keep each piece the same size and this will be an easy technique to master. As the braid is worn and becomes increasingly undone, that's when it's especially easy to fall in love with. Grab the light hold spray and two hair bands and you've got your third new look to try.

You're Ready

It's time to play. Check out the video below for a full breakdown of all three of these looks in less than eleven minutes. Listen for the little pointers that will make all the difference in your final results. Have fun! And don't forget to tag me in any photos of you rocking these styles because I know you're all going to love them and do such a fantastic job. I can't wait to see them!!!



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