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Four women on Willamette River in Portland Oregon in swimsuits backs to the camera with hands in the air. Babylights, Rooted Babylights, Foilayage and Handpainted Highlights for hair photoshoot all colored, cut and styled by Tessa Matsis Smith.

Dimensional & Color Services

Dimensional services are booked hourly and include all things going lighter and multi-tonal, whether it be a full head of bright blondes or a light addition of subtle ribbons to a rich brunette. Dimensional services cover a variety of techniques such as babylightsfoilayage and hand painted highlights. A brief breakdown of each coloring approach is offered below. 

















Two women sit by the water in Portland, Oregon with ash blonde hair and fine highlights worn in trendy half up styles and beach waves. One model has her head on the shoulder of the other and looks into the camera wearing gold heart shaped glasses.

Color services range from the demi-permanent tonal glaze and tonal root shading for shine and blend, to permanent color for lift and full grey coverage, to artistic color and color corrections. All color services are proudly performed using the Aveda color line to preserve your hair's shine and health with 93% and 99% naturally derived Full Spectrum color and Enlightener blonding powder. 

Dimensional Color Techniques 

Dimensional Color


A babylight service is a fine or ultra fine weave of color. The purpose of this technique varies from delivering the brightest result of blonde to adding a new soft pop of color to the existing look.


The effect of foilayage is all things soft and lived-in for effortless wear. This color skill is often used to replicate the result of the handpainted technique but chosen to achieve a brighter result and optimal control of lift. The foilayage dimension offers a lightly or heavily grown out look with seamless lines and calculated placement. 

Brunette woman with beach waves and handpainted highlights colored, cut and styled by Tessa Matsis Smith on the Willamette River in Portland Oregon

Handpainted Color

Handpainted dimension is the surface panting of bleach or color on sections of the hair to deliver ribbons of brightness and depth, seamlessly blended for long wear and low maintenance lifestyles.


One-dimensional color. Choices include a glaze for shine and tonal correction, demi permanent for seamless blending and permanent color for full grey coverage. 

Tonal Glaze and Tonal Shading

Woman with beach waves and lived in highlights colored, cut and styled by Tessa Matsis Smith on Willamette River in Portland Oregon

A tonal glaze is a conditioning  demi permanent color used to create a tonal shift, seamless depth or subtle grey blending. 


Tonal shading is the technique of using demi permanent color to blend and soften the meeting point of lighter dimensions into a darker base. This service is entirely customized to each blonding service, aids in the seamless aesthetic of the lived-in look and lengthens the time in between appointments. 


The foundation of it all is the haircut. Designed for the wearer, a haircut should reflect each individual brand and lifestyle and cater to every detail and need. Whether short or long, highly styled or barely styled at all, each unique shape and detail will be considered and the result will be an evolved and improved daily experience for each salon guest. 

Woman wearing short hair cut by Tessa Matsis Smith with texture in an urban apartment in Pearl District, Portland

Haircutting strengths and techniques include dynamic short cuts for both men and women, curly and textured hair, current and editorial trends, classic shapes, layering, and both scissor and straight razor tools.

Tessa Matsis Smith cutting short hair on a female client in the salon
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